Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hey Everyone! Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been busy working and keeping up with Hemingway that my blog unfortunately took a back burner.

Recently I have been looking into how to stop dog fighting and how I can become a part of the fight against this inhumane act of violence towards an animal. There are several organizations that are around, and I am currently a volunteer for HugABull Rescue Society. But I can't help think that there has to be something more that I can do.

Some days I serf the internet looking to research on how dog fighting came to be. Often I stumble upon the most horrific and gut wrenching sad stories. Dogs who have lived their entire life, from puppy hood to the second they die not knowing what it is to feel loved. And when they fail their human they are often tortured, burned alive, severed limbs, noes, ears, until they bleed out.

When I hear/read stories like this, of course I get sad and even cry. My mind then goes to Hemingway and how I could never imagine him being anything other then the goofy, happy, loyal friend that he is.

These dogs don't want to be put in a ring and to fight another dog. They do it to please their handlers because they are such loyal dogs. Of course there is an element of survival in most cases where a dog needs to fight back in a dog fight situation, to save its own life.

My heart breaks. Man created this breed. They just want to be and feel love, like anyone or living thing. We need to abolish cruelty to animals and put a STOP to dog fighting. Until then, I encourage people to get educated and start to understand the truth about pitt bulls.

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