Sunday, 1 April 2012

Woof Woof Welcome!

Welcome to Van City Pitty! Exactly one year ago today a dog came into my life at the perfect time to save me and I came into his life at the perfect time to save him. I was lost, lonely, heartbroken, and betrayed. I needed something to lift my spirits up to get me through the storm. His name is Hemingway, but we call him Hemi, and it couldn't be a more suitable name. Always revved up and ready to go Hemi is a Pit bull breed advocate.

When I found Hemi he was in a backyard garage with over 24 puppies and 4 mothers with their litters. I soon learned that Hemi's mother had drowned a week after his birth when she walked on a covered pool in an unsupervised backyard. Hemi and his litter mates were being bounced around to nurse off other nursing mothers. I also learned that several puppies had died of parvovirus.

Hemi, the other puppies, and the mothers were living in their own filth. Urine and fecal matter was everywhere, and when walking into the shed they were penned in your breath was taken away by the smell. I knew that I had to save this little dog. I didn't care about the breed, I just knew that I had to do something, and if that meant giving one (I could only take one) a chance at life, then so be it. (I know now that all the other puppies found good forever homes).

As Hemingway grew, I noticed that people stopped approaching me to pet my dog. Questions started to be asked from several feet away whether or not he was friendly. Parents started to pull their children closer to them. This is when I realized how uneducated society really is it when it comes to this breed of dog.

It wasn't until I had a verbal altercation with a volunteer about someone bringing in a pit bull into our shelter where I work that I knew I had to do something to protect, educate, and help advocate for this breed of dog.

My goal you ask? One day I would love to own my own animal rescue. I know pit bulls are always looking for good homes, and are always being rescued from unfit homes and terrible people. But until then I will cross post, educate and take you on mine and Hemingway's journey to advocate for the world Best Breed!

Kitty and Hemi

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