Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Don't Bully My Breed!

Very rarely do I take work home with me. But sometimes I feel attacked and I can't let it go. So here I vent.

Last night a woman, a regular face in our shelter, came in with a dog on a leash. She went and got some food in the dining area then left. Not a bark from the dog, not even a whimper. In fact, the women who were enjoying their dinner and movie were happy to see him and pet it! (Pets really warm up the women. They adore them).

After this lady left, someone came flying out of the kitchen and said, "Since when do we allow pit bulls in here!?" Demanding and answer not knowing I proudly advocate and own this breed of dog.

I simply responded that we are a pet friendly facility thinking it would end the conversation. But no, it began to escalate to, "Pit bulls shouldn't be allowed in here! They are vicious. They will attack someone then we will get shut down." Etc, etc.

As hard as I fought it, at this point I could no longer reiterate that we are a pet friendly shelter, all pets are welcome. I had to speak up on my knowledge of the breed and i felt I needed to defend these dogs.

So I went on to explain that it is not the breed that is vicious, its the people that own them. I then let her know that I have a pit bull who comes to work with me, and he is the most loving and affectionate dog ever.

Just like the people who frequent the Downtown Eastside, this breed is very misunderstood. And just like a person, they need to be given a chance. You don't hear about chihuahua attacks, which happen more regular then pitty attacks, because you can throw it across a room should it bite you. Pit bulls aren't even number one one the most dangerous breed of dog list.

If you treat any animal with hate and are abusive it will attack back eventually, just like a person. If you treat it with love, it will only know love and be loving.

The person then got defensive saying that the dog was stolen, that she isn't suitable for that breed of dog etc etc. With out any afirmed knowledge of her accusations.

Her argument had become very circular and she back tracked. So I decided to end it by telling her to speak to Caren our shelter manager. Little does she know, Caren also owns and advocates pit bulls. ;)

I was just astonished to hear someone of such a misunderstood population of people stereotype and judge a dog based on his breed which is equally misunderstood.

Anyway, that's my rant to help me get that off my mind. And if you still think Pitbull breeds are ALL vicious killers, you need to meet my Hemingway. He will smother you in wet puppy kisses and demand back scratches!

(Please note: I realize there are aggressive dogs (non breed specific. Animals are wild in nature, it can, and does happen. A very sad reality :( but they often can be rehabilitated)

Hemi wasn't to impressed with someone bullying his breed!

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